3 Hours
Physicality / Terrain
Cycling + Refreshment + Nahargarh step well visit + Support vehicle + Two Tour leaders
Nahargarh Cycling Expedition
Highlights –

○ The Man Sagar Lake

○ Cheel Ka Teela (4 Kilometer Hill Climb)

○ The Nahargarh – Jaigarh Tunnels

○ The Nahargarh Fort Stepwell

The Nahargarh Hill Amidst the Aravalli Range

Out of all the Places to See in Jaipur and Historical places of Jaipur, Nahargarh may not be on top due to its accessibility, but it is the most happening and beautiful place in Jaipur. The best sunset and sunrise point of Jaipur, and certainly a common point of interest for every locality in Jaipur.

The Nahargarh fort which is at the height of above 700 feet from the sea level provides a panoramic view of the city and the Aravalli forests. Our Bike tour to the Nahargarh fort through the Aravalli forests is a very challenging excursion

Cheel Ka Teela ( Jaigarh Fort )

On the way we cross The Jaigarh fort was built over a period of over 150 years in the Aravali range near the Amber Palace on a hilltop known as Cheel Ka Teela (mound of eagles) This fort was built as a military fortress for the Amber Palace. The Construction of the fort was finished in 1725 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II.

Charan Mandir

As we approach closer to Nahargarh fort we take a short break at Charan Mandir ( a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna) One can easily get the best panoramic view of Jaipur city in front and The dense Jungle of Nahargarh Biological Park at the foothill of The Aravalli Mountains.

The Ride

For nature lover and adventure seeker birding enthusiasts, fitness junkies and those who are looking for Adventure things to do in Jaipur. Get ready for an adrenaline rush and climb the steep Nahargarh hill on a bicycle.

On this ride, we pass through some of the most scenic spots for a beautiful panoramic view of the pink city and especially the Man Sagar Lake (Jal Mahal). On your way to the top enjoy the breeze and the music of various birds to spot like Peacocks, Parakeets (Indian parrot) and the Indian Roller etc.

Detailed Itinerary
6:30 am

Meeting at Jal Mahal

With short Introduction of Our Team and a safety briefing, We start riding towards the Kanak Valley and assemble again at the base of the Nahargarh Hills. Here the tour leader instructs us with basic stretches and some info about the gearing ratios to continue for the ride. As we ride further we keep taking several breaks stopping at hairpin curves to take a look the majestic view of the Man Sagar Lake from the top. Out of all the adventure activities in Jaipur, The Bike ride to Nahargarh fort is one of the most sought after Adventure experience.
8 AM

Reach the Summit

With the beautiful sunrise of Jaipur, We rejuvenate ourselves with some snacks and head towards the Nahargarh Stepwell and walk through the area that caught the attention of Bollywood and Hollywood movies in Nahargarh Fort. In the Aravali hills at an approximate height of 700 feet, the extensive Nahargarh steep well tells the story of water system of those days, The catchment area of water for Nahargarh, extended to about six kilometers surrounding the fort, is a network of six smaller catchments connected through a series of drains, aqueducts, canals and arteries laid in and outside the fort. Two large step wells and one small tank collect almost 4.5 crore(10.6 million gallon)liters of water.

We take a short walk on the rampart wall of nahargarh discussing the great history and architecture of Jaipur and Rajasthan.

9 AM

Ride back to the Jal Mahal

Try to hold on to the adrenaline in your blood, The adventure bike tour of Nahargarh fort not just riding uphill, The much awaited down hill ride from the Nahargarh fort, with cool breeze on your face as you rideoff this steep mountain. We make a few stops to capture the beautiful scenery and such exotic birds like the Peacock, the Indian Roller and Parakeets(indian Parrot).
As this lovely bicycle safari ends here we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Jaipur memoirs.

As this lovely bicycle safari ends here we part ways with a souvenir for you to show your friends back home when you share your Jaipur memoirs.

  1. Bottled Mineral water and energy drinks.
  2.  Refreshments en-route – Packed Breakfast, Juices, Tea, chocolates, fresh fruits.
  3. Brand new geared bicycles (Giant) with high-quality helmets for added safety.
  4. Well experienced bicycle tour captains who are well versed the route.
  5. A support vehicle with well-equipped emergency first aid kit and a standby bicycle and in case if a guest decides not to ride and relax for the rest of the tour.
  6. There will be a trained bicycle mechanic cum tour escort following all the riders throughout the tour.
  7. A short walk on the rampart wall of Nahargarh.
Terms and Conditions- :
  1.  Booking is subject to availability.
  2.  Minimum 02 Persons required to confirm the booking.
  3.  Please inform us at least 7days before the scheduled departure date.
  4. Please note Transfers from hotel to start and end point to Hotel is not included in the tour cost.
  5. Indemnity Bond must be filed by all participants.
Package Cost – INR 2500 per person (Cost is based on minimum 02 Guests)
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