Kerala Cycle tour

Kerala Cycling Trip In God’s own country, epitomized for its traditional roots that imbibes every aspect of life, be it food, architecture, language or art forms, Unventured invites you join us on a spice scented journey as we take you on our ”God’s Own” Kerala trail that will take you through a journey into the heart land of exotic birds, palm lined beaches, traditional Kathakali dance performances, lip smacking cuisine, quaint country side, people and their way of life. As we move along, you will be smitten by the splendor of God’s own country and its culture. Amongst the irresistible attractions of Kerala are its performing art forms, on the trail you will witness a Kathakali and Kallaripayattu performance that will add to the revelry of your exquisite sunsets spent watching over shores, backwaters and mountains in Kerala. The Ride On this 8-day trail, we’ve packed the right mix of cycling, leisure and exploration. You will experience stretches that challenge your limits, sceneries that indulge your senses and interactions with the locals that expose you to their culture and way of life. The expedition starts from Fort Kochi, a traveler’s hub with rustic charm and quaint history lined streets, burgeoning with art bazaars. Our trail that begins to this sight of delight will traverse through flat land forests, spice lined loops, placid backwaters into the heartland of explorers who came looking for spice. On this expedition our travellers get an insight into the natural beauty of God’s own country, its cultural and religious past, the people and their way of life. Through culinary experiences like home-cooked meals, you will delight in their exquisitely flavored feasts. This expedition combines Cycling and driving through the spice trail.