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About 100 kilometers from Jaipur is the cosy village of Tordi at the foot of theTordi Mountain tucked away in one of the ranges of the Aravalli hills. This range covers an area of 30 kms and abounds in natural beauty. The village seems untouched by the hustle and bustle of the urban life. It is an excellantopportunity for anyone who is interested in bird watching, cycling, fishing, and trekking in the mountains and sand dunes that surround the tranquil village.

 The Tordi Palace Heritage Hotel

Tordi Palace offers 24 rooms decorated in Traditional Rajasthani style. The interiors in their simplicity, elegance and attention to detail, showcase all that is finest in modern and traditional Indian craftsmanship. Rooms have splendid views of the Aravali hills. As one might expect, every conceivable modern comfort is provided. Many rooms have traditional balconies colloquially known as Jharokhas. where guests can relax and enjoy beautiful views of the palace, the village and Tordi Fort atop the mountain.


Bicycle Tour of the Tordi Village and the forest

We hop on our mountain bikes to explore the Tordi village and the forested vicinity. A bicycle proves to be an excellent way to see what you cannot usually see in a motor vehicle. Ride through the village markets through the villagers for whom the guests are like a celebrity. The bike tour ends with a lunch or tea at a local farmer’s house.

Camel Cart ride in the Sand Dunes

An evening Camel Cart Ride through the vibrant streets of Tordi village and then out into the dunes of the desert. The villagers will hitch their camels to traditional wooden carts and then meet you at the front gate of Tordi Palace. You will be greeted as a treasured guest by the shopkeepers, butchers and tailors of the village, as their wives and daughters watch shyly, from behind their veils, from eachshadowed doorway.

Jeep Safari

You are invited to accompany your hosts for a Jeep Safari through Tordi village, followed by a tour of the ancient monuments in the surrounding countryside. Your tour, typically in antique Willys and Jeep vehicles, many of which are surplus army equipment from the 1940’s and 1950’s, will last approximately four hours and cover approximately 50 kms of territory.

Village Walk

You can begin the morning at Tordi with a walk through the streets of the surrounding village just outside the palace gates, where life is still lived the way it was centuries ago. In this unspoiled village, the potter still works at his wheel, the tailor still sews on a foot-pumped sewing machine, and the launderer still presses with a fire-heated iron