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With more than two hundred years to its glory, the Talabgaon stands tall nestled in the palm of nature. Talabgaon Castle is just a couple of hour’s drive Jaipur. Built on the edge of the Ranthambore National Park, the castle is a great getaway from the bustle of a city with all the luxuries and comfort one can think of.

 TalabGaon Castle

Nine luxuriously furnished Heritage suites, eleven Heritage Rooms, and four Deluxe Rooms, each has been restored using rich fabrics, woodwork, marble and silk drapes, inspired from the colorful artistry and warm hues of Rajasthan at the Talabgaon Castle.


Farmhouse Lunch

Hop on a camel cart or an open jeep to ride to the countryside exploring the rustic Rajasthan on your way and feast on a traditional Rajasthani lunch or a continental meal in a traditional mud house setting at a local farm in the open.

Country Adventure

Take a walk in the nearby village markets to get the real perspective of the Rajasthani lifestyle. Discover the intricate crafts and colorful handiwork of the people that makes Rajasthan such a vibrant place.

Horse Trek & Polo

Enjoy the sport of the elite, Polo with in a royal setting that Kings play in. Talabgaon hosts a polo tournament every year and if you visit Talabgaon you can witness the sport of Kings in the land of Kings.

Camel Safari

Hop the traditional Rajasthani mode of transport, The Camel and ride through the desert traversing through the rustic landscape to the perfect spot to witness the magical Rajasthan sunset.

Dance and Music

Enjoy traditional Rajasthani dances like Kalbelia, Ghoomar and Kachchi Godi dance in the traditional forms. The artists wear colorful costumes every costume has a deep cultural meaning. These dancers perform to the soulful Sufi and Rajasthani music in the rich heritage of the Talabgaon castle.

Bicycle tour of Talabgaon

Take the alternate transport and hop on high end mountain bikes designed to take on any terrain you throw at them. Spin through the raucous terrain of Rajasthan’s rambunctious countryside. Ride through the wilderness of Ranthambore national park and discover the ways of the inhabiting tribes in the region.