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Just above a 100 kilometers from Jaipur. The majestic Roopangarh literally means the “city of beauty”. The Roopangarh fort stands like a keeper of the beauty of this vibrant historic town of Roopangarh. The 350 years of history haven’t been able to wash away the glory and the mighty walls of Roopangarh.

 Roopangarh Palace

Within its nine turreted fortifications there are foundries, armories, granaries, secret passages, jails and step-wells. Adjacent to the symbolic 4-towered fortification also known as the Charbhuja is the delicate palace of Roopangarh. The beauty of living is transcribed to a refined architecture in the form of large audience halls, incredibly high ceilings, wide doors and incredibly high ceilings, wide doors and casements as if the inhabitants drank nothing but the exhilarating breeze.



Roopangarh fort has its very own terrace tennis court just adjacent to the restaurant. You can step into the tennis court from the restaurant. The fort staff can arrange a special tennis match for the tennis fans.

Camel Safari

Hop the traditional Rajasthani mode of transport, The Camel and ride through the desert traversing through the rustic landscape to the perfect spot to witness the magical Rajasthan sunset.

Bicycle Safari

The guests at Roopangarh have an option to choose a half day bicycle excursion to the Sāmbhar Lake home to the great Sāmbhar Shekhambhari Lake. A city enmeshed in history of the numerous fairs and temples of the town. The lake receives its water from an endorheic basin, a separate basin from the Ganga river basin. It is a vast mass of saline water spread above 200 km square area. We cross the Sāmbhar Lake and advance towards Roopangarh fort in our charted vehicle.