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 Ramgarh Shekhavati

Founded by the merchant clan of the Poddars, Ramgarh is so strikingly beautiful that an English traveler from the 19th century described it as reality to a vision drawn from eastern romance. Ramgarh was one of the richest towns of India till the 19th century and has most beautiful structures like opulent Havelies, Cenotaph (Chatri), Temples etc.

 Ramgarh Fresco

Ramgarh Fresco, formerly known as the Khemka Haveli, was bought and converted into a boutique hotel in 2009 by the Khandelwal family of Delhi.

The hotel has 14 rooms, ranging from a cosy single room for individual privacy to large suites. The rooms are spread interestingly across the property.

The décor is simple and tasteful - everything from the elegantly hand crafted wooden furniture to lampshades to the colourful bedspreads to carefully selected art objects, enhances the vibrant paintings that cover the haveli.


Guided walking tour of Ramgarh

The staff at Ramgarh Fresco will take you on a walking tour of Ramgarh and show you the heritage and culture of this area. You will be able to take some fantastic photographs of the various painted havelis, temples, monuments and the market place.

Camel Safari

Hop the traditional Rajasthani mode of transport, The Camel and ride through the desert traversing through the rustic landscape to the perfect spot to witness the magical Rajasthan sunset. Take the camel cart ride to the dunes and the old johra (water tank) at Ramgarh. It’s a wonderful way to experience this fascinating landscape.

Bicycle Safari in the Village

The tour of authentic Rajasthani village on bikes is seeing the real India. You will get to see a slice of everyday life, whether it is a local school or women at work in the fields or homes. You can stop at a local market and see the similarities and uniqueness of people buying and selling their wares. This trip will take all of two hours and you can round it off by having tea in the home of one of the village elders.