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Ancient town in the Thar Desert just 65 kilometers away from Jodhpur has been an important trading town since centuries. Osian is the host town for the Marwar music Festival the Sufi music festival every year. The town of Osian is best visited and explored on the traditional mode of transport the Rajasthani Camel.

 Reggie's Camel Camp Osian

With expansive views of the vast desert on one side and the intricate temples of Osian on the other, this camp, the first of its kind in India, offers easy access to the local desert villages. Venturing out on camel one can meet the proud local tribes, the Bishnois and Bhils, potters and weavers and shepherds in their natural surroundings, not to mention the various varieties of desert wildlife such as bluebulls, gazelles, foxes, peacocks and partridges to name but a few.

Being a permanent structure they also have the additional bonus of a refreshing swimming pool, a feat of architectural engineering in a sand dune and the safari bar, a wonderful place to relax in the evenings over a drink and cigar to the gentle strains of jazz music.


Reggie’s Camel Camp apart from high end luxury in the middle of the desert provides different variations of Camel Safaris in the deserts of Osian. We recommend a very popular and adventurous selective:-

The Night Mobile Camp Safari

We hop on the traditional mode of transport in this area, the Rajasthani Camel and ride for about 4 hours in the desert to reach the Oasis village of Khetsar. Here we set up our royal abode for the night like a royal picnic. During the ride we stop at various tribal dwellings and view various desert wildlife species such as the likes of Bluebull (one of asia's largest antelopes), Gazelle's, Foxes, Hare alongwith Partridges, Sand Grouses, Peacocks, Demoiselle Cranes etc.