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Manifest through the golden sands of Marwar to reach Mihirgarh. A heaven where the glorious legacy of the Rajasthani kings rubs shoulders with the contemporary. At MihirGarh glaze at the perfect symphony of the shrubs dancing with the desrt wind soaking in the sunset.

Amidst the sand dune named after the warrior god “Mali Nathji” is the fort of the sun that is the MihirGarh Fort.

 Mihirgarh Fort Palace

MihirGarh - The fort of the Sun stands majestically on a sand dune “Mali NathjikaDohra”.This majestic fort seems to emerge from the desert and complements the rugged beauty of the land. Inspired by the rural village architecture of Western Rajasthan, the fort features tall mud walls with slightly rounded corners, the numerous alcoves and the aesthetically conceived fireplaces.

This fort hotel features 9 exclusive suites designed personally by Her highness herself and each suite is 1700 square feet of pure luxury featuring private Jacuzzis and plunge pools. Each suite has its own fireplace hand crafted by the village women.


The Village Safari

This is one of the MihirGarh’s signature programs where the guests can feel the pulse of rural Rajasthan. Little houses hand crafted with mud, gorgeous women dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire. The display of the rich wares in the marketplace shall certainly bewitch you. The experience becomes even more enchanting and intimate as we visit the homes of the natives.

Royal Picnics

Dive into the history of the bygone era and relive the past with a Royal picnic at MihirGarh. The ornate tents and live music orchestrated with ripples of the lake with food and wine served upon crisp white covers creating memories that guests cherish for years.

Culinary Workshops

At the royal kitchen the Guests at the MihirGarh palace are taken through a unique experience of culinary workshops and demonstrations from thebook of recipes by the Late ThakuraiSahibaJayendaKumari’s on traditional Rajasthani food.