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Just a few hours’ drive from Jodhpur is the mystic land of Khichan which is a winter abode for large number of migratory species of birds. The most noticeable species of migratory birds is the Demoiselle Cranes that migrate to Khichan all the way from Mongolia during winters. These birds began flocking the desert town of Khichan when a village couple laying the grounds with cereal grains to feed to the pigeons. The town folk admire the cranes for their vegetarian eating habits and monogamous lifestyle. 

 Kurja Resort

Built in the heart of the “bird view point” the resort is a great way to relax in this romantic setting of nature and beautiful landscape with fresh air taking away all the weariness of your travels. The Kurja Resort offers a wide range of luxury suites and cozy tented accommodations and the staff makes sure you have a comfortable and memorable experience.


Village Safari

Experience the real village, we offer Village Safari tours under which we take our tourist to cross the actual village, finding village people weaving, talking their local language, clicking their photos doing their daily life work, wild life exploration including sights of animals like Chinkaras, Peacock etc.

Such village safari is done via Jeeps and in course of such safari we serve our tourist clients lunch as well.

Birding Tour

Set out in the desert wasteland this birding tour organized by Le Tour De India will be simply spellbinding. With the company of our birding expert and explorers, venture out early in the morning to spot the magnificent demoiselle cranes and other migratory species of birds that fly from as far as Mongolia and Serbia to escape the harsh winter.