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About 80 kilometers from Jodhpur is the tiny hamlet in the Marwar region of Rajasthan. The region is home to the fascinating tribe of the Rebaris, a native camel breeding community. Surrounded by scenic mountains and waterfalls, Jojawar is home to the royal nobles’ family of the Rao’s.

 Rawla Jojawar

This little garrison fort now converted into a Palace –hotel has over 35 rooms with none of them alike. Each room has a distinct character and charm with it a décor to match. The beautiful pool-side area in the palace is the Zanana - Mahal (Ladies Palace) where once only women could preserve. The ZananaMahal can also hold tantalizing – dinners for the guests.

The RawlaJojawar is a family run business and each and every member of the Rao family personally acquaints the guests with the princely and elegant hospitality at RawlaJojawar.


Train Ride at Rawla Jojawar

This vintage train route was built in 1928 by the rulers of the Rawla to facilitate travel for the general public in the region. This fascinating train route takes you through the breath taking scenery of the Ravli wildlife Sanctuary where we cross two long tunnels and a couple of bridges as high as one hundred meters. We can only imagine the herculean task performed by the engineers of the bygone era.

Jeep Safari

The Rawla offers a delightful adventure that gives you a unique perspective of the village lifestyle and its surroundings in a 4x4 Jeep. The forest is a heaven for bird watchers and wildlife lovers. You get to see wild animals like the Jackal, hyenas, sloth bears and leopards.

Light Trek & Bicycle Tour

Start early in the morning for a light bicycle excursing Le tour de India style along with a mild trek in the Aravali range followed by a royal picnic lake side.