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Jawai is where the hills throw the moon out and just as soon absorb its glow into their gorges. Where nomadic Rabari herdsmen are as much a part of the earth's tales as the mysterious felines that grace these hills and vanish at will into their folds. Where pastoral fields meet and merge with wild grasslands and the swells of the JAWAI Bandh's waters lap at the toes of mighty granite forms. Where flamingos and cranes flock in hundreds and dance to springtime.

 Jawai Leopard Camp

The Location of Jawai, the unique flavor of this land and its offerings provide for an entirely different experience from the rest of Rajasthan, yet there is an abundance of heritage around. The area makes for comfortable access to the airy citadels of Kumbalgarh Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 



Created in a timeless flourish with canvas, stainless steel and leather accoutrements, each tent at JAWAI is abutted by a private deck that looks upon unobstructed, spectacular views of the dramatic wilderness around. The use of local stone and stainless steel brings an understated, elegant and light feeling to the camp. An inviting Dining Tent and a scattering of discreetly located areas to unwind in form part of the Encampment.