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Just a couple of hours drive away from Udaipur is the quaint town of Dhariyawad. The town of Dhariyawad was founded by the rulers of the Udaipur royal family. Situated on the confluences of the rivers Jhakham and Karmoi this quaint river town of Dhariyawad has its own unique flavor.

Dhariyawad happens to be a little known secret enveloped in the valley of Jhakham surrounded by the entirety of the Sitamata Natural Park. Untouched by modern civilization Dhariyawad is the true expanse of culture and heritage. 

 Fort Dhariyawad

All the rooms have a traditional Rajasthani ambience, thus enhancing the flavor of the visitors stay at Fort Dhariyawad. The rooms have attached bathrooms and all modern amenities. A perfect sitting for the guest with two conversation grouping has been created. As far as possible old fittings, lights and furniture were retained. Keeping in mind the historical interiors Antique items like hookah, canon & chandeliers has been decorated in the sitting room.


Trip to Tribal Village

Hop in a 4x4 Jeep to ride to the ancient tribal temple of Bhaneshwar. The ancient temple has been preserved by the Bhil tribe of Rajasthan. The Bhils are known to be Vanputras (Sons of the Forest) dress colorfully in their traditional attire. Take a walk down the village to learn about the tribal customs and their native ways to live a natural life.

Wildlife Safari at Sitamata Sanctuary

The Sitamata Wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of 425sq. Kilometers a hidden treasure of the Aravalli mountain range and a major attraction of your Dhariyawad trip. Take a morning Jeep Safari into the forest or join in on a night trek. The forest has a distinct variety of wildlife creatures like Panthers, Pangolin, Sambhar, Chinkaras, Wild boar, Chausingha, pythons and crocodiles. The distinct ecology entails Bamboo, Teak and dry deciduous forests that provide shelter to flying squirrels which can be seen only in this region. 

Mountain Biking Trails

Facilitated by Le Tour De India, the biking trails include 10 Day trips from Jaipur to Udaipur that goes through the rustic forests of Dhariyawad. The natural environment that surrounds this land proves to be a great adventure for a biking trip.