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The Quiet little town of Dausa is just over 50 kilometers from Jaipur.  This region has many quaint forts and their story embedded in history. The folk art of Hela-Khayal is a unique singing style of this region. Its uniqueness lies in its traditional singing which is highly stylized yet it has now been skillfully employed to comment on the current socio-economic-political scenario in a satirical manner.

 Umaid Lake Palace

About 75 kilometers from the Jaipur airport, Ubaid Lake Palace is spread across 20 acres of verdant land. Here one can experience an organic retreat away from the mundane. The palace has its own farmland where they grow most of their produce organically. All the vegetables and spices are handpicked by the chef from the farms and then cocked at their organic kitchen.

This fort hotel features 9 exclusive suites designed personally by Her highness herself and each suite is 1700 square feet of pure luxury featuring private Jacuzzis and plunge pools. Each suite has its own fireplace hand crafted by the village women.


Nature walks at the organic farms

A walk through the mustard fields, arriving at a farmer’s hut, a charpoy is laid and the Chula lit, as the guests enjoy bajre ki roti with fresh home–made butter and piping hot masala chai. The guests get an opportunity to harvest and handpick vegetables from the fields.

Ride the village Mercedes – The “Jugad”

Juggad is a colloquial Hindi - Urdu word that means an innovative fix or a simple work - around, used for solutions that bend rules, or a resource that can be used as such, or a person who can solve a complicated issue.

The Village Mercedes is most popular means of transport used for the transportation of villagers, fodders, cattle and goods. It’s a simple diesel DC generator arranged with a cart to make a full functioning village vehicle.

Camel Polo

Exceptional adaptation of the age old sport, the ship of desert which is the camel replaces the graceful horse. The players will give a demonstration of the game followed by an opportunity for guests to be seated on the camels & participate in the game.

Bicycle Safari in the Village

The tour of authentic Rajasthani village on bikes is seeing the real India. You will get to see a slice of everyday life, whether it is a local school or women at work in the fields or homes. You can stop at a local market and see the similarities and uniqueness of people buying and selling their wares. This trip will take all of two hours and you can round it off by having tea in the home of one of the village elders.