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Experience the real culture of Rajasthan with a visit to ChandelaoGarh. Just forty kilometers away from the bustling Jodhpur this highly acclaimed palace hotel shall engulf you in a different world - the world of the rulers of Rajasthan in a traditional village. The Majestic ChandelaoGarh is the ancestral home of the rulers of the area, and has been tastefully converted to a modern hotel. The Garhshall provide you with an authentic experience of traditional Rajasthani hospitality in a tranquil village setting.

Chandelao is a village of about 2,000 people, and like most villages in Rajasthan, the majority of the people are involved in agriculture. Many of the houses are still constructed of the traditional mud bricks, with a weatherproof coating of cow manure, painted white, red or blue. In some spots, newer houses constructed of beautiful red Jodhpur sandstone are being built.

 Chandelao Garh

The rooms at the Chandelao Garh are tastefully decorated with period furniture, while providing 21st century comfort. The kitchen presents the flavors of traditional Rajasthani cuisine in impeccable style using local produce and spices. The well-kept hotel grounds are filled with flowers and the sounds of peacocks and parrots. Enjoy an evening on the terrace with friends old and new and marvel at the starry desert sky at night.


Bicycle Tour of Chandelao and Pipar

Hop on your mountain bikes to ride through the rustic terrain of the Chandelao village cutting through fields and exploring the colorfully painted village houses. Ride about 20 kilometers to reach the Bazaars of Pipar (traditional markets). Here you can find unique local crafts and ethnic goods. Pipar is little visited by travellers from overseas, so you will see the local people going about their daily activities as they have for centuries. In Pipar you may also visit the block printers who use hand-carved wooden printing blocks to produce beautiful, colorful designs on cloth.

Jeep Safari

The Chandelaogarh offers a unique open jeep safari will take you deep into the Rajasthani countryside, through fields where goats graze and farmers raise their crops. You will see camels and buffaloes, houses old and new, and smiling and welcoming people everywhere. The villages are gradually receiving electricity supply and being connected to more reliable water supplies but for the most part life continues as is has for many centuries. You will visit traditional craftspeople making woven rugs of camel hair, and water pots of local clay. You can even try your hand at “throwing” a pot on a traditional hand-driven potter’s wheel.

Bird Watching Tours

A walk around Chandelao can yield some great sightings of parakeets, bulbuls, bee eaters, peafowl, and other residents. For the enthusiast, a jeep trip to local hot spots, including nearby OlviLake is a must and will provide sightings of a vast range of waterfowl, herons, kingfishers, grebes, and waders. Three crane species are regularly sighted - demoiselle, common, and the endangered Sarus crane.