“Mean Machine with a Roaring sound gives you a swag when you explore on Motorbike.”

Wandering through the wonderland called India on a bike is not just a dream, it’s a feeling that only a traveler can feel. Motorcycle tours in India are a thrilling experience, takes you to places and enables one to explore the unexplored. Be it old city tours, be it riding through deserts, lakeside roads or farmlands your bike will take you everywhere. Bikers are never alone as the people are as welcoming as this land. Live on roads in the daylight and Stay with the villagers at night. Imbibe the culture and share your love with them as they share their life with you. There are numerous guided motorcycle tours available from all-inclusive types to full customisation as per requirements of the adventure seekers.

Motorcycle tours on various terrains and regions across India are the newfag of Adventure tourism in India. Among these, the Himalayan Motorcycle tours and specially Leh Ladakh motorcycle tours are quite popular because of the toughest of the terrains, best of scenic locations, highest motorable paths and a journey of true adventure

Highest Motorable road in the World

India motorbike trips
Motorcycle tours in India

Ride your motorbike to the ‘Khardung-La’ pass, in Ladakh, which is the highest motorable pass at 18,350 ft. A ladakh bullet trip is the most sought after among various motorbike trips in India. This is one of the most desired places among riders. July to September is the best time to pack your bags and plan a Leh Ladakh road trip. There are Leh ladakh road trip packages wherein we can join a gang of riders and be becoming a part of adventure trip spread across 7 to 10 days. Leh Ladakh motorcycle tour packages are mostly guided motorcycle tours. This adventure tourism on Royal Enfield bikes is all about exploring the Himalayas and its beauty. Moreover, it’s about exploring your true own strength. Most of the guided motorcycle tours are on the lines of adventure tourism in India. Of all these tours mostly they are Royal Enfield tours as these Royal Enfield bikes are the most trusted bikes in India for this kind of terrains. 

India on Motorcycle – Motorcycle Tours in India

Motorcycle tours in India
India motorbike trips

A motorcycle lets us wander in some of the best places in India. Offroad riders in Leh-Ladakh mountains, Thar desert in Rajasthan, through coffee plantations in Coorg and Munnar, to the Western Ghats. Saltwater lakes at Sambhar, Rajasthan, and Rann of Kutch at Gujarat are the most adventurous lands to ride a bike on and get some picturesque sights to capture.  Of All these places a ride into the Himalayas, a Himalayan Motorcycle tour is very special and one of the things to do for all motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure seekers in India. All these places are not too far when you have a Motorcycle. A Royal Enfield tour in India has become symbolic of adventure tourism in India

Picture Perfect Journey

adventure tourism in india
leh ladakh road trip packages

Riding a motorbike is the best possible way to capture candid life through the lenses. Welcoming people, playful kids, moods of sunsets, sitting with villagers and exchanging your lives over tea are such moments which are worth clicking only when you are open to nature & not prisoned in a four-wheeler. Any group rides or adventure tours to any part of India will surely have some scenic experiences which you will love to capture the moment and cherish it later.

Continue reading – Cycling adventures trips in Rajasthan.

Further to our mesmerizing cycling to the majestic Himalayas, you must have read (Story Till Keylong)

 The Adventure cycling trip to Leh continues …

Keylong 3145m to Patseo 3751m

Keylong – Jispa 21kms

Jispa-Darcha 7.5kms

Darcha-Patseo 16kms

The valley in which keylong lies is dotted with small villages, shady poplar and willow trees and rivulets. This is the last permanent habitation until the villages on the far side of Taglangla La, over 250 kms away. So during the cycling tour anything to buy or to see a market, that will be here only. There are wonderful views of the glaciers on the southeast side of the valley as you cycle further to Leh.

 Jispa 3255m

The cycling expedition is challenging yet rewarding as well asThe road rises and falls to Jispa village. It’s one of the very beautiful villages to stay near the riverside or camping. Camping during the road trip to ladhak is the best options Le Tour De India do it with luxuries where you can enjoy all kind of activities like campfire and hot food along with the other travelers you might meet in the village. 

Darcha 3320m

The river meandering on the wide plain can appear particularly beautiful. After crossing the river on your bike there’s a switchback climb past the turnoff to the Zanskar Valley over the Shingo La Pass, after which the highway tracks the river of Bhaga upstream to Patseo.


things to do in lehPatseo 3751m

On the bike trip to leh, this is the place where There’s nothing except a flat ground for camping. We will go 10 kms

further away from Patseo to Zing Zing Bar. 

Patseo doesn’t seem like much but until the 1950s, it was the gathering place for traders from Zanskar, Lahaul, Kullu and Ladakh who would meet to barter salt and wool from the uplands for grains and tea from the low lands. And today this is gathering place for the  cycling, motorbikes who are riding to Leh   

Patseo 3751m to Sarchu 4408m over Baralachla La Pass 4918m

Patseo – Zing Zing Bar 10kms

Zing Zing Bar – Baralachla 22kms

Baralachla La Pass-Bharatpur 5.5 kms

Bharatpur-Sarchu 20.3 kms

Zing Zing Bar 4062m

An exotic name for a meager place. There’s a road workers’hut a d some level ground. From Zing zing bar the climb continues through a bare, rock landscape. It’s on a plain and smooth surface. 

Cycling from Manali to Leh

Baralachla La (4915m)

Brown rocks and the odd patch of snow is not the landscape you’d expect while cycling to the great Himalaya range, but that’s exactly what you will see here. The scene will clearly give you a picture of Chocolate-Vanilla layered ice-cream cone. 

You are cycling in India but You are now also 110m higher than the summit of Mount Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain. Baralachla La has yet another surprise. It’s a three-way pass joining Spiti, Ladakh, and Lahaul. The approach from the South East is an old trail from the beautiful lake of Chandra Tal and the Spiti Valley. 

The descent from the top to Bharatpur has a scenery of marbled pink mountain rising from the Yama river set off my swathes of green and glacial lakelet.

manali to leh 

Sarchu 4408m

In the late evening light, Sarchu is stunning: the Grass a vivid green, the Tarmac road, vast grounds alongside the roads and another opportunity of staying in tented camps with all the luxuries is  arranged by Le Tour De India. This place allows you to relax your cycling muscles after the rigors of the passes and prepares you for the passes ahead your biking trip to Leh. There are even small Edelweiss-like flowers growing on the verge. 

The best camping is on the canyon side beyond the tented camps.

 This is also the border between Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh: finally, you’re entering ‘The Land of Lamas’. 


Our cycling Journey to Leh has even more interesting stories to tell… and the adventure still continues….

Explore Rajasthan on Bicycles – Road Trip Experience of Royal Rajasthan.


Ladakh has not just some of the tallest mountains but also the highest roads in the world and passes of over 5300 mtrs, climbs of over 50 km and descent of 4500 mtrs. It all sum up together to offer a classic trip of lifetime to true adventure lovers. You can be one of them.

We at ‘Le Tour De India‘ working as a luxury adventure travel company would love to share our experiences with the insights of this region which includes pre trip planning-when to go- where to stay-find a bed and bite and some stories. 


Spring (April to June) and Autumn (September and October) are the best months to visit and see the serenity of these mountains. The average temperature in Ladakh is below freezing for half the year but in our leh ladakh bike tour packages you will be taken care of with all the warm camping and freshly made hot food. 

Organised tours:

If you only have a couple of weeks holiday and lack the time or confidence to plan a trip yourself an organised tours by Le Tour De India could be your answer. 

Our tour will allow you to enjoy your holidays without a worry in the world. In return for your money, we at Le Tour De India will find the best-value places to stay and to eat, juggle the logistics as well as crisis-management during the trip.

We are proud enough to have some enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide who will be an unending source of facts and stories about Leh Ladakh and leave no stone unturned to make your trip a memory of the lifetime to cherish. 

1.) Manali (1900 m) to Marrhi (3303 m)

The Leh ladakh road trip starts on the left bank of the river Bea’s and follows it upstream past some shops and the Tibetan colony. A sign at the bridge over the Beas details distances until Leh – only 475 kilometers to go!

The Pir Panjal range is visible in the distance and around the roads are apple orchards, small villages and high up, waterfalls coming from the rock faces. Then starts the hairpins. 

In this Leh bike tour as the road climbs it offers fantastic view back down the valley to the glinting tin roofs of Manali and across to the snow-tipped peaks above Solang Valley. Here you will be offered, on rent, the furry dresses and Wellington boots to visit the Rohtang Pass which is 55 kms from Manali. 

manali to leh on bike

Marrhi at 3303 m is 36 km away from Manali and is a motley collection of souvenir stalls and roadside restaurants.  We will take a small stop there to freshen up with hot soup and food and after a quick visit will depart to reach Rohtang Pass.

2.) Marrhi 3303 m to Keylong 3145 m over Rohtang LA 3988 m

Marrhi – Rohtang LA 16 km

Rohtang LA-Gramphoo 7 Km

Gramphoo-Khoksar 13 km

Khoksar-Sissu 15 Km

Sissu-Thandi 27km

Thandi-Keylong 8 km

Once you get above Marrhi the landscape becomes bleaker as the views become more dramatic. A popular sport in northern India is paragliding and you will see a jump off point a kilometre above Marrhi’s Huts. 

Moody weather:– it’s not that only a girlfriend can be moody; the weather up on Rohtang Pass is often moody rolling clouds which then rend apart to reveal a dazzling blue sky behind and high valley slicing through rivers and waterfalls. Cow parsely, wild flowers in pinks, blues and reds and shrubs dot the fields and there are often horses and donkeys grazing up here. 

Rohtang Pass 3988 m

On a clear day the views are spectacular, the gentle and verdant. Kullu valley lies behind while ahead lies Lahaul – rugged, dramatic and surreal. “Surely the gods live here, this is no place for men” as Kim observed in Kipling’s classic adventure of that name. 

Fact: this is one of the most extreme climate changes in the world: monsoonal India to the southern face of the great Himalayas.

manali leh bike tour

Khoksar 3152 m

The dhaba owners are friendly here and so good is the food that will satisfy your hunger after a long journey of uphill and downhill of 36 kms from Marrhi. Beyond the bridge at Khoksar the road dips and climbs along the banks of the Chandra Bhaga river and is often rutted and rough until Sissu; some sections may even be washed out. You might find a Nepali or a ladakhi guy playing a guitar outside a Dhaba on a bright sunny day. 

Sissu 3086 m

Trees of poplar and willow line the road as you approach Sissu and peas, potatoes, barley and buckwheat grow in the terrace fields etched into the valley sides. Near the village an impressive waterfall cascades between two mountain peaks in the far side of the valley. 

There are some family-run guest houses here in the villages. After Sissu a nalah (big drainage) before the hairpins is nicknamed ‘pagal (crazy) nalah’ as it floods without warning and destroys the road. 

Keylong 3145 m

This small dusty market town is the last place to stock up on good food supplies. It’s entered by a ceremonial gateway. After this town we will start our journey to the next beautiful destination which is Jispa village

This is all a beginning to a journey, mesmerizing and full of adventurous roads and tracks and drains and mountains and passes, that will take you through a path known for its treacherous nature to one of the most sought-after destinations by every adventurous soul on the planet. Read on for further insights of the tour and the land….



An exhilarating experience in the Aravalli Hills
Cycle Tour to Rural & Classical Rajasthan INDIA

Nahargarh Cycling Expedition – A Ride in the Nahargarh Hills of Jaipur
The Nahargarh fort which is at the height of above 700 meters from the sea level provides a panoramic view of the city and the Aravalli forests.Bike trip to the Nahargarh fort through the forest roads is a very challenging excursion.

Rajasthan Cycling Holiday Packages

Rajasthan fixed Departure Cycling Tour

For nature lover and adventure seeker birding enthusiasts and fitness junkies. Get ready for an adrenaline rush and climb the steep Nahargarh hill on a bicycle.

Ride to the highest point in the city to breathe the fresh mountain air in the morning.

Bike Ride to Nahargarh in Jaipur

The Adrenaline RushCycle-Tour-Rajasthan-India-300x225
Above 9 kilometers of cycling in the hills that feature a few hairpin curves and rolling switchbacks.
An option to go off road through the canal road built in the 19th century.




The Birds of NahargarhA-Ride-in-the-Nahrgarh-Hills-of-Jaipur-Rajasthan-INDIA-300x225
On your way to the top enjoy the breeze and the music of various birds to spot like Peacocks, Parakeets (Indian parrot) and the Indian Roller etc.





The Nahargarh Summit – Highest point in the CityHighest Point of Nahargarh Fort Jaipur
Ride to the highest summit of the hill overlooking the city also catch the bird’s eye view of the Mansagar Lake.
Watch the city is drenched in gold as the rising Sun envelopes the walled city from behind the Nahargarh Mountain.

Cycling to the top of the city, all the way to the Nahargarh Fort is fun and a terrific way to challenge oneself.
Climbing this historic mountain is a passionate experience for anyone who wants to break away from the regular drugs of mainstream tourism.

You only live twice. Once when you are born and next when you are on Bicycle.

No windshields and no metal roofs, it’s only the cycle where you are in direct contact with Mother Nature and that too at a moderated pace. Compared to other vehicular mediums, a Cycle allows you to interact with people and listen to their stories more frequently and more intimately. And when travel and cycle is combined together then you can’t ask for a better adventure. It’s high time that you plan your next trip on a bicycle and explore your city, state and your country. Enjoy your cycle tour to the fullest by combining it with your best buddies.

Pedal to Heritage

Cycling in Heritage city
Every city, like its people, has their own persona which is shaped by stories and history of hundreds of years. That loads of history is told every time you cycle through the lanes of Indian cities to some heritage sites and local bazaars. Come roll on a bicycle to get a first-hand experience of life in Indian cities. 

Cycling adventures trip in Rajasthan – Tour by Le Tour de India. Explore Rajasthan on Bicycles, it becomes more interesting when we hop on a bicycle and paddle to experience the world and people first hand.

India on Bicycle

Bicycling in India
Cycling through the length and breadth of India be it Golden sand dunes of Rajasthan, Majestic mountains of Himalayas, Beaches in God’s own country ‘Kerala’ or the Forests of North east India is an incredible mix of adventure travel where you get to explore the majestic forts, monasteries, snow capped mountains and temples. In addition, we get a wholesome treat of traditional culture, delicious food, peace loving people, multi-hued attires, picturesque landscapes and loads of love.

Country Roads and Camping

Village cycle tour
You cannot ask for a better trip than a cycling when it comes to going through the county roads. These cycle tours take you to the countryside life where you get to talk to the locals, prepare traditional food with them and enjoy local cuisine followed by a sound sleep in a Hut/Camp or in a village Royal Fort.

Wildlife Cycle Safari

wildlife Cycle tour
It’s better not to ruin the peace of a forest while enjoying it during your travel. So cycle, being a non-motorable vehicle, is best to explore a wildlife. Cycle down to some of the landscapes and in return, you will get to see some best ecosystems in the Western Ghats, Kerala, Munnar, Coorg, Darjeeling, Satpura Mountains in dense forests of Madhya Pradesh, Aravali hills & Desert Ecosystem in Rajasthan.

So this is how you explore on a bicycle in India and learn to lead a charming lifestyle.

Ever missed sleeping under the starry skies? or Ever craved for a camping in a breezy night with a billion of stars twinkling for you for a whole night?

Come at Sambhar Lake (a salt lake), near Jaipur to have a lifetime experience of Stargazing. And if you are lucky enough then you might see a meteor shower as well. This place is just 80 km’s. from Jaipur and has a biggest salt producing lake in Rajasthan.

This place is abundant with picturesque beauties and you will find a vast empty land full of desert sand and white salt. It just looks like an empty canvas where you can add your own colors of adventure. The lake is located around 22 km from the Sambhar town. The whole area of the lake is spread over v the length and breadth of 45 km. Travelers can choose to come in the evening and camp in the night. A temple of the Goddess ‘Shakambhari Mata’ welcomes you at the start of the lake and this is exactly where you can descend down to the vast spread of dried and parched area of the lake.

The whole parched region has no vegetation and you can clearly see the horizon to the extent of 360 degree which is a picture perfect scene with the small hills and flickering lights in the night. A cool breeze in the night and a night spent under the starry nights along with a camp fire is one cherishing memory that no-one wants to avoid.

Rajasthan tour at Motorcycle

Itinerary: Cycle tour and Motorbike tour starts from Jaipur and it takes you through all the countryside roads which are welcoming sign in the state of Rajasthan. Started in Jaipur, we proceed through the country roads of some towns like Kalwaar, Jobner, Phulera and lastly at Sambhar.

Then, at Sambhar, we have a Horse riding tour planned for some 20 km before the lake. Horse riding is an another kind of adventure which gives guests a graceful and a stud-style of exploring.

Horse Safari in Rajasthan India

Horse Power: A special breed of horses called ‘Marwari’ horses are reared and used in safaris. This breed is considered to be equipped with all the royal qualities like power, grace, beauty, built and their canter which give them a distinctive identity and their riders as well.

The possibilities of adventure and touring are huge. Be it a Cycle tour, be it a Motorbike tour or be it a Horse riding.. you just name it and we have it all for you. We, at Le Tour de India, provide you all those possibilities with a great zeal.

As the season changes and winter are here to delight with its striking colors. Travelers are ready to head to the royal state of Rajasthan which sparkles with all the powerful colors of winter that match with its golden sand and traditional ambiance. Being cycle traveler and a road captain at  ‘Le Tour De India’ we’ve pedaled the length and breadth of royal Rajasthan and have come across some splendid spheres here. Pushkar, the holy town, is the place we’ve explored the most and still find it mystic.

Rajasthan Cycling Holiday Packages

Rajasthan fixed Departure Cycling Tour

Here “Le Tour De India” has picked up some essential things to do when in Pushkar, so whether you are a cyclist, a Motorcyclist or a backpacker, take your pick and enjoy your next trip to Pushkar.

Tour Package in Pushkar Rajasthan
Nestled amidst of Aravali hills this town inherits its name from the lake situated in its center which has my theological importance. The tranquil town tempts everyone, be it a backpacker, a solo wanderer, a hitch hiker, a biker or a cyclist with all its serene sanctity. So here is our travel blog on what-to-explore-in-Pushkar

1. Stroll & Shop

Explore the exotic markets of Pushkar by walking around and roaming through narrow lanes. Just don your hat and sport your shades on and you’re good to go. You will be left eye-struck by the shops of big oil paintings, beaded jewelry, flashy trinkets and traditional wears among others. Be smart and earn your Bargain.

Shpping in Rajasthan

2. Shoot & Scoot

The pristine countryside, golden sand, houses with hued walls, rippling waves of the holy lake, children diving into the lake, painters with their strokes, preachers offering prayers, gypsies playing the chords and walls with graffiti all these eye-striking scenes waits for the apertures of your cameras to be opened up and your focus.
So just fix your camera lenses in, zoom in and out, choose your angle and click. You’ve got it… a memory for life!!

Rajasthan Traditinal Dress

3. Soak in the Spiritual stint

If you are a Spirituality Seeker then you’ve descended at the right place. This holy town, with a whopping number of as many as thousands temples, gives appealing vibes to every religious devotee. Visit the only temple of Lord ‘Brahma’ on earth and ‘Rangji’ temple and listen to the mythological stories sitting on the 52 ‘Ghats’ (steps) of the holy ‘Sarovar’ (lake).

Rajasthan tour

4. Sublime Sunset:

Walk to the Jaipur Ghat and complacently watch the shining Sun setting down and pouring its scintillating rays down in the unruffled holy lake. Spend your evening here with this enchanting view and with daily traditional music performances that will put you into a trance.

Rajasthan Tour

5. Splurge on local cuisine

Devour on the delectable delicacies and quench your gustatory sensations here. If you have a sweet tooth then ‘Maalpua’ (Indian Pancake) is here with all its crisp and sweetness. Made of refined flour and lavish with pure clarified butter, is served hot and properly baked.For some spicy flavors go for ‘’Falafel Wraps’’, the flat bread stuffed with tomatoes and chopped vegetables with curd spread.And for the love of some Italian, French and Mexican food temptations head to some restaurants, splashed with technicolor graffiti, like La Pizzeria, Nirvana rooftop restaurant, and Pink Floyd.

Splurge on Local Cuisine

Pushkar has a great public transport connectivity. It’s Just 14 km far from Ajmer city and 140 km far from Jaipur city. With a festive season ahead and a nice weather for travel, plan your trip to romp in this place which is a great confluence of spirituality and modernity.

Leh-Ladakh Moto Ride – An Enthusiast’s Dream With Le Tour De India

Motorcycle enthusiasts ??? In India…….., dream bike …….., dream ride………., dream routes………, among all these variables, we bet there are two constants – Royal Enfield and Leh-Ladakh.

Well, this is the truth, Royal Enfield is the machine made for India in India, take it to any terrain and it will not stop to surprise you and take care of your thrills, demands, and obstacles on road. Leh-Ladakh, highest motorable destinations of India, in fact of world, taking us all the way to the rooftop of the world, offering everything, meandering high altitude Himalayan passes, mountain river streams, cold desert, plains, enormous mountain lakes, the most scenic landscapes, the Buddhist monasteries and a new surprise at every corner.

Motorcycle tour in India

Leh-Ladakh invokes a desire to embark on a most scintillating trip, unbelievably scenic into the uncharted terrain through far flung villages along winding and meandering roads (if you call them roads at some place and engineering marvels at some) witnessing the grandeur of Himalayas and experiencing the majestic charm and serenity of the land of Lamas (Buddhists monks). And Royal Enfields, well every time you look at this machine it will compel and instigate you to embark on a ride to ‘no man’s land’ with a few like-minded souls. Almost decided for the ride to the mystic land of Leh-Ladakh…., that’s great…., there cannot be better place for you to be in at the moment, you are at Le Tour De India.

motorcycle tours in india

The team at Le Tour De India has traveled and traversed the land inside-out, familiar with all the nuances of land coupled with die hard motorcycle enthusiasts. This team is the ultimate companion for you to be in this immeasurable land. We take care of every minute detail of the trip, stays, halts, camping, food and refreshments, support, safety, riding gear, permits and clearances, climate and weather. As true riders and partners in crime, we do not rush through the tours, giving you all the time to relish and soak into the moment and place. We have a plethora of options and routes and even more, variables added, which can be customised to your preferences if you already have a group of four or more.

Leh Ladakh tour on Motorcycle

Just drop in a message or ping us and leave rest assured for the best Adventure ever…., Our Team will not leave a single stone unturned for this to make a ride of lifetime and stories to share. Visit for detailed Itinerary Motorcycle trip to Leh Ladakh

As the saying goes, “Two roads diverged in the woods and I took the one less traveled”

The thirst of treading the road less travelled, comfort of moving at my pace, freedom of taking as many stopovers so as to soak in the moment, surroundings and place, riding through every possible part of land so that even the minutest details of this chapter of life is not missed, get to know the people as they are and not as they are being told, experience and live every moment, all this concluded in the thought of a Bicycle, backpack, a bottle of water and road less travelled in a landscape through legendary enough but rarely travelled.

Someone once said, “The traveler sees what he sees, but the tourist sees what he has come to see”. A traveler is active, continuously in search of adventure and experience, a tourist is passive as he goes for a sight-seeing trip on the popular notions. I chose to be a Traveler.

cycling tour in Villages of Rajasthan

To ride on this travel expedition, I chose Rajasthan, the land of colors, the land of forts, the land of royalty, the land of chivalry. A friend suggested me that if I wish to see, explore, experience and live all the colors of life on earth the “Rajasthan” erstwhile Rajputana is the answer. For my travel arrangements and assistance, I hired the services of “Le tour de India” (letourdeindia.com) the experts of the field, Cycle trails, offbeat routes and the country side. They let you to be a traveler and not force you to be a Tourist. Take any wild turn, stop at any hour of the day, and start whenever you feel like, they will be like partners in the crime. Le tour de India has revolutionized the way, one experiences Rajasthan.

This magnificent journey commenced from a magnificent place, Udaipur. On day one in the evening, I was prepared that I was not alone, embarking on this trip, a few like-minded souls were also there, together we were going to explore the land. A brief introduction to tea was organized by Le tour de India to get us familiarized. We were briefed about our rides, equipment, terrain and general climatic conditions of day and night. A very short brief of Udaipur and we were free to explore Udaipur on our own.

The moment I took a step outside our hotel, I was in a totally different world, the place was swarming with all kinds of tourists and travelers. I followed the main roads and a kilometer’s walk led me to the lake front of Lake Pichhola, the magnificent City Palace standing tall on one side, beautiful Lake Palace in the middle of lake, the Ghats, the Havelies now converted to Hotels, Rooftop Restaurants, a Canal crossing the city and meeting another Lake, Lake Fatehsagar and adding charm to this was full moon smiling on this heavenly place, it was all like a film sequence. The thought of this place is truly called Venice of east crossed my mind. What a fulfilling initial few hours of my journey, I was feeling light, fresh and charged for the next day, which was scheduled to begin quite early. I had the dinner together with fellow riders and team captain of Le tour de India at one of the lakes facing restaurant.

Rajasthan Villages

Day two was quite early for me especially in winters, we had a wake-up call at 5:30 AM, 6:30 AM breakfast was served and sharp at 07:00 AM we hoped on to our chartered bus to move out of city limits. Our bikes were ready with our support staff, a brief on the route and terrain and we were riding into the hilly terrain with the first rays of sunrise, towards Jhadol, a tiny hamlet. We took a stopover at a lake side for refreshment and acclimatization for the road ahead. We left the main road for the back roads to be discovered, learning a few local farming techniques of hill areas, witnessing a change in the pattern of farming practices and crops with a change of landscape from hills to plains and again hills. The jungle along the roads is rich with various fruit plants. We had a refreshment in the most natural way, plucked the fruits from trees, washed them in the flowing river stream flowing downstream and the feeling of eating was “WOW”, life cannot get better than this, but we were wrong there was much more coming our way. We had lunch at Jhadol. By this time we had paddled almost 60 km’s and were spent for the day, we left our rides with our support team and the bus took us back to Udaipur. Post high tea we went exploring the city and markets on foot. All this time our support team was in the background, let us be on our own, experience and see the things as they are, never interfering but always available.

Udaipur Cycle tour

Day three was similar in the morning, wakeup call, breakfast and by bus to our start point. A minimum of 50 km’s of a ride to Ranakpur, mostly uphill but downhill was quite a fun. The jungle along the way is a protected sanctuary for Wild Boars, Leopards, and Monkeys. We had a few stopovers at villages, along with the way to refresh, to interact with the local folk, experience their lifestyle, cuisine, and culture, to find out how rich this place is culturally, and what good hosts they are. On reaching Ranakpur, an architectural marvel was awaiting us, the Famous Ranakpur Jain Temples. By this time as we reveled in the beauty and serenity of the place and temple, our stomachs went on calling out loud. A jungle theme restaurant nearby did the job for us to pacify our tummy. Post lunch we headed to Rawla Narlai for night stay. Rawla Narlai, is a Heritage resort in the Narlai village on a back country road from Ranakpur, hidden away in the heart of Aravali hills.

Day four began with a morning walk in the village with the sun rising from among the hills to witness and experience the morning chores and activities of a Traditional Rajasthani Village and a cup of tea with the locals. After breakfast, we saddle up for a short ride of 30 km’s (by this time 30 km’s cycle ride seems short enough) passing by villages from hills to plains, from jungles to open vast fields. The climate changes from soothing to dry. A stopover on reaching the highway, after refreshments we hopped on to our bus for historical city of Jodhpur. After checking in and lunch, Mehrangarh is the new destination along with the old city of Jodhpur and its bylanes.

Day five is an adventurous ride to Chandelao, it is an off road trail again but of very rough terrain, and I met with some 5-6 punctures, which were readily repaired by the support team. The terrain around is dry, barren and absolutely no roads, it was like riding in the no man’s land. Then, from a far off point we were able to see some houses, then huts, then a few shepherds with their herds. At this point, a race is initiated by our team captain to reach Chandelao fort with a few hints. And it was a race worth participating, through the village, jumping among the streets; the children in the village were looking at us like we were some kind of celebrities or aliens, and suddenly we were in front of a big fort right in middle of the village. There awaiting us was the traditional welcome with Garlands and drums. We relaxed there after this taxing road trip and post launch an open jeep took us for a jungle safari. The stay in this far off land was unmatched and food awesome.

Places to visit in Rajasthan

Next day, as usual, we had an early start this time all the way to Pushkar, halting at various villages on the way, experiencing every inch of the land and soaking in it. The change in terrain was amazing; we could barely take in the beauty of the land and people when an almost different world came out of nowhere. But the people always welcoming, the best of hosts, their love and smiles unmatched. Pushkar was altogether a different world, with the ongoing world’s largest Camel fair. The Mela ground was intoxicating; I have never imagined this kind of fair even in my wildest of dreams. We had the wildest of activities a visit to the sand dunes on the camel, a tea made of Camel milk, giving a hand to milk a camel, sunset in the sand dunes, the adventures were not coming to an end, with the Mela ground being altogether an exhilarating place.

Day seven took us to the Pink City, Jaipur. I had been to many places of historic importance, but none like this and to top this experience we experienced the city on bicycles an altogether new idea exploring even the narrowest and busiest streets, enjoying the marvelous city to the fullest. The evening was relaxing and well deserved good nights sleep for us to recharge for the rough seas ahead.

Jaipur day tour

Morning, and to the battle stations. our rides were ready, we saddled up and paddled to Sawarda a distance of some 60 km’s, not once touching the highway, meandering through the country roads or connecting roads, through lush green fields, crossing lakes and ponds, capturing the most photogenic villages. We got to try hands in the carrot crop, a tea with the locals left us wondering whether our team Captain, Khushal is having family and relatives at all the places in this land or the people actually are so welcoming. They even filled our bags full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Though our team was, completely stock up with our refreshment rations, water, energy drinks etc, but need to use them never arose, as wherever we halted the people there never allowed us to leave without our tummies and bags full. Wow, does this kind of people still exist in this mean world. Reaching Sawarda, again a witch hunt was called by our Team leader. Sawarda again was a wonderful place, a walk in the village took us to Potter’s hut, I tried my hand at pottery, and actually made a coffee mug for my mom. This journey was turning out to be memorable enough to pass it on to my future generations, though I am quite young to think of future generations, but couldn’t spare the thought. At the fort we had our hands full of colorful traditional Rajasthani dresses, a team was ready to help us with the dresses and turbans. The dinner was in house cooked by the ladies of the house, even the thought of it has activated my taste buds and left longing.

Day eight had some 85 km’s of cycle ride to Tordigarh. The real fun was tracking up to the old ruined fort at the top of the hill, the view from the top was holding lush green fields with a river flowing nearby and some beautiful villages. Our team leader never tires of putting surprises, only when the tea and snacks were served to us at this place which could not even be imagined, that we came to know of the person who walked with us with the supplies. As usual, the Le tour de India team working in the background to make us sail, safe and happy.

Rajasthan holiday packages

Day ten from Tordigarh to Ranthambore, every Tiger enthusiast must have heard of this place and longed to come here. We paddled for some 60 km’s, through small villages, using back country roads, taking pit stops at some local tea joints before finally stopping for lunch at a very Indian AC restaurant. The way to Ranthambore from this point was approx 100 km’s, as we chose the again the back roads and bus to reach our destination, it came out to be a rollercoaster ride. Ranthambore, do I need to write about Ranthambore, so much has already been written about this place. I can only say this, I you are a Tiger enthusiast, then it’s a must.

By the time our journey was coming to an end, I got addicted to this land, people, and my two wheeled companions. The team of Le tour de India was a big part of this once in a life time experience. This travelogue remains incomplete without their team and efforts. They were like sailors with expertise in every field assisting the captain of the ship to navigate through calm and rough seas through bright sunlight and dark nights. This journey was so mesmerizing that I wanted it never to end but every journey has to end so as to recollect, share and learn from the experience earned and eventually set sail for the next one in the life.
For, someone once said, “The world is a Book and those who do not travel read only a page”.


Well, it always is excitingly different to embark on ride on the two wheels, anywhere in the world. Adventure Motorcycle trip in Rajasthan. A tourney on the two wheels evokes almost similar emotions for the bike enthusiasts, choice of bikes can be different, place of wandering can be different, even partners in crime may change, but there is not the slightest doubt that the ride will be an all time hit, stories to remember and tell and the sense of freedom, it’s like flying in the open skies.

Dear friends, India is a paradise for bike wanderers, the vast kaleidoscope of routes, terrain, people, culture it throws at is nowhere to be found in the world. Rajasthan is one such place for these wandering souls, it throws everything at you on the road from lush green fields and plains to high mountains encircled by meandering roads, from rivers to desert, from forts to magnificent palaces, from man-made and natural lakes to dense forests inhabiting few of the most exciting species of animal world and what not. One such ride is Jaipur Pushkar, a ride from the Pink City to the holy town of Pushkar, the Mystic abode of Lord Brahma, the king of all the pilgrimage sites of Hinduism.

Jaipur Puchkar Motorbike tour

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan, erstwhile Rajputana accessible from anywhere in the world with every kind of means of transportation with an International Airport of its own, Railways and a world class road network in Rajasthan. Delhi and Agra at a distance of stone’s throw make it all the way more convenient. For anyone traveling to India and Rajasthan, there is no way of missing Jaipur and its magnificence was in history and modern times are staying in sync. Pushkar, a small town in the lap of Aravalis, just around the corner of Ajmer (the resting place of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti and Capital city of Great Prithvi Raj Chauhan). According to government data, this town is situated 14 km (8.7 mi) northwest of Ajmer at an average elevation of 510 m (1,670 ft). This town is also known as “Tirth Raj” (the king of pilgrimage sites). Pushkar is a very popular destination for foreign travelers. As per the Hindu religion believes, this is the residing place of the “Creator” Lord Brahma, and here is where ones pilgrimage, spiritual journey completes. Pushkar is quite a popular place among tourists from all walks of life because of the range of activities and experiences it provides. From sand dunes to mountains, lush green fields to ponds, from Camel fair to Horse fair probably one of its kind in the world, from Temples to Spiritual centers of various sects of Hinduism, the Brahmakumaris, the river side resorts, the local cuisine and there is no end to it. The Pushkar fair brings best of Pushkar and might be the best time of the year for a ride to this abode.

Pushkar tour packages

There is no dearth of means to reach Pushkar, and a plethora of options being provided by various tour operators makes it all the more complicating convenient to reach Pushkar from Jaipur. But there is none better than a motorcycle ride to the place exploring, wandering, experiencing freely every swish of the wind, riding along the face of the land. Take a detour leaving aside the highway and follow the interior route and a different world will greet you, a whole different experience, directly in conversation with the land, its people, culture where everything is royally regal. Stop at your will for pit stops, refreshment, pictures, interactions or whatever. And who better than the masters of the trade “LetourdeIndia” to hire for this magnificent ride. The team at letourdeIndia is familiar with the land inside-out and are die hard motorcycle enthusiasts. We at letourdeIndia are more of Wanderers than tour operators or tourists because with every trip around we explore new routes and facades of land, work around there, get everything in place and then ride the saddle. The trip can be customised instantly at any leg of the tourney it’s just that easy, with everything best in class and price tag, you bet!

The trip starts from Jaipur and leads to holy town of Pushkar
So, if you are planning a trip to Jaipur and Rajasthan this is one event trip which is not to be missed even if you are a casual tourist because this tourney is a whole different world of excitement, adventure, and freedom.
Interested…., just ping us.